Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dubai Time

We are still in our apartment but are hoping to move into our villa next week. Villa is what they call houses around here! We have the largest washer and dryer they make (10.5 kg) and the largest fridge (700 L) - everything is metric. We still need an oven and our mattress. There are 2 sizes of twin mattresses and 3 sizes of king mattresses, and so far none of the girls' bedding fits their new beds. I am hoping our's fits when the mattress gets here.

Ramadan has started here as of last night - no public eating or drinking while the sun is up. This is a law, and disobeying comes with a heavy fine and a jail term! Things open later (9 or 10 am) and close later (1am instead of the usual 12 midnight). So nothing goes as planned during the day, Muslims get to go home early, and everyone is hungry. Traffic is horrible - major accidents today. No one moves out of the ambulances way, carseats and seatbelts are optional. We have a whole month of this!! So, with all the restaurants closed during the day, we had to go to the grocery store to get some lunch items. At the deli, I ordered some lunch meat (only turkey or chicken - no ham) and got my metric math screwed up. The guy almost sliced up the whole turkey before I had someone stop him! I had ordered in kilograms instead of grams! Live and learn! We may not learn Arabic, but we will learn the metric system!


  1. This is all so interesting!! Can't wait to hear more, via your bog posts, about your Dubai adventure!
    Teresa B

  2. Thinking of you all! Thanks for the update! How are you feeling?

  3. Just heard your special news! Congratulations Jennifer, Chris and Family! Thinking of you and sending {{hugs}}!

  4. I LOVE metrics! I only wish we had more of it here. We're so excited to see pictures of the new babies and the big kids. Keep us posted.