Saturday, April 9, 2011

International Homeschool

Matthew, Macey and friends trying to find the best spot for their mangrove.
Cleaning up tar on the beach
Timothy and friends canoing in the lagoon
Katelin and her friends
Timothy and Charlie planting their mangrove
Groups deciding where to plant their mangroves
Matthew and Macey listening to the guide
Beautiful desert lagoon looking out to the Arabian (Persian) Gulf
Marine preserve near Jebel Ali
We have so many different nationalities in our homeschool group - American, British, South African, German, French, Portugese, various Asian nationalities, Indian, Spanish, Australian, New Zealand, the list goes on. We are all learning together. You notice no is not possible for the locals to homeschool. My kids are currently in a swimming group and a chess club. Our hs group goes on a field trip or has a beach/park day every Thursday. We wish we could fit in the Arabic club. Here are pictures from a recent field trip to a Marine Preserve - they protect the ocean and the desert and its wildlife. They moved the coral before the man-made islands were constructed. We planted mangroves, and we picked up tar from the beach courtesy of a tanker that dumped its unusable oil.

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  1. Wow! You homeschool too! I guess that makes sense living in a foreign land. What an amazing experience for the kids with all those cultures and languages coming together. Do most of the kids in the hs group speak English? Can you communicate very easily with the other moms? This is just so interesting - thanks again for sharing!