Thursday, April 19, 2012

International Homeschooling Spring 2012

Our homeschool group here in Dubai has been busy this spring! Getting everything done before it is too hot. We had our first Sports Day in March at Safa Park. We hired a sports company to come help organize the day. We had four groups of kids - littles, mediums, big boys, and big girls. I think the total number was 55 kids - the biggest turn-out since we moved here. It was amazing to watch all the kids enjoying running around with each other and playing games. We had a picnic at the park afterwards.

Next on the agenda was our first International Day, also at Safa Park. Many of the private schools here have an International Day where each country has a table with food and information about their country. Not to be out-done, because it is so fun and educational, we decided to have our own International Day. We arrived at the park around 9am and set up our table. Our family did USA (Texas) as there are several Americans here. There were a total of 10 countries presented. To begin, we held a parade from the front gate to the tables. A security guard with a whistle started following us. One of the dads spoke with him - apparently he saw the Indian flag in the parade and thought we were staging a protest (illegal in Dubai)! He assured him we weren't, and the guard said he could represent Pakistan for us! We stopped at each table to hear about the country and sample the foods. We had our table set up like a tail-gate party (Texas A&M football - Gig 'em Aggies!) and served BBQ and banana pudding. After the tables were all visited, a few countries performed a dance, national anthem, etc - we recited the Pledge of Allegiance. It was very windy and warm (39C!), and each family was quite proud of their country. To say the least - we were hot, stuffed, and ready to go home by the end! We unanimously agreed to hold it in January next year!
Our parade
Our personal escort!
England's West Country
India and Sri Lanka
South Africa
Colorado (hot and windy)
Singing their national anthem
South African miners' dance
Sri Lankan Flag

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  1. What a neat thing to experience! Thanks for sharing it with us... and we'll look forward to next year's installment in January! Could tell by the expressions on some of the kids' faces that it was just beastly hot out there. You're all troupers :)