Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter in Dubai 2013-14

It is almost impossible to call it "winter" here when you still need to stand in the shade! The temps are a bit nippy at night (you might want a sweater if you are outside for awhile), but they are still in the 70s F during the day, with the heat index adding a good 10 degrees more. However, we do manage to enjoy ourselves even if there is no snow to shovel or icy roads to deal with!

A little too cold for a lot of swimming, so they played in the sand

Kite Beach - we tried our usual Jumeirah Beach but it was Ladies' Day, and they wouldn't let Timothy in!

Saige enjoying a toy!

Timothy grew a lot today!

So did Katelin!

Jolee and hues of blue (I have a new camera with an artistic setting!)

Mermaid Julia
We had our annual meetings the end of November, which pushed our Thanksgiving feast to the beginning of December. Bob and Kimberly Alford hosted in Abu Dhabi this year. It was delicious as usual. We had visitors here still, so that made it extra special. We had Garrett Taylor staying with us, touring Dubai before he leaves the ME back to good ol' southern USA. Christmas was exciting for the kids - everything is "exciting" with 7 children! Their teacher enjoyed a break from the schooling routine - the students didn't seem to miss it too much either! Somewhere in between we had Timothy's 15th birthday - celebrated at Fogo Vivo, an Brazilian steakhouse, with Lloyd and Lealand.
Julia eyeing her stocking!

Matthew being silly

Julia 3 years

Katelin, Saige and Macey

Timothy and Jolee

Saige 5 months


Timothy 15 years

Chris gets an iPhone!
Smoked ham for Christmas dinner at the Naidoos'

Yule Log - my first!

Saige learning to read - we start them early!

Katelin's hobby - marshmallow fondant cake decorating

Happy 15th birthday Timothy - Katelin made him a dragon cake

Beach day!

Saige's captivating smile!

Matthew making a sand castle

We crashed an Emirati National Day party at the military club by accident! We were waiting for the boys to finish playing paintball so we decided to go to the playground ... !
We hosted a New Years Eve party with Dubai government supplying 450,000 fireworks to win a spot in the Guinness book of World Records! We all wore masks for fun!
Rebecca, Geraldine, Deena, Alarna and Sam

Justin, Katelin, Rebekah, and Macey

Jenneatte and Saige

My wonderful hubby - such a sport!

Beautiful Macey
Musical chairs was a new game to some!

Justin and Geraldine at the playoff of Spoons

Macey, Jason, Alarna, Chris, Katelin playing spoons

Then, Dewald and Martin organized a desert safari and braai (dune bashing and BBQ). Kipps from Ethiopia (Canadians) were visiting as well as relatives of Naidoos from South Africa. We hardly (ha!) missed our own relatives for all the visitors and entertainment!

Captain Martin

Chris's Prado

Chris made a quick trip (24 hours) to the USA to purchase a home in Texas. It should make our summer trips home easier. Now we are anxious for summer to get here!
We celebrated Jolee's 6th birthday with a trip to Kidzania with Sam and Eliane, milkshakes at Steak and Shake, and dinner at Chili's "because they have soda," says Jolee?????!!!!!
Jolee's present

Katelin made Jolee a castle cake

Kidzania at Dubai Mall
Bumper cars
Make your own pizza lunch

Jolee and Eliane waiting for their milkshakes


Chili's in Mall of the Emirates
Dewald took us and Justin out in his ski boat one Saturday. The kids took turns on the tube, and Chris and Timothy tried the wake board.
Matthew and Jolee

Captain Dewald

Saige loved the ride!

Julia gave it a try with Macey for 5 seconds until she fell off in the cold creek water!

Justin and Jolee (one of her "boyfriends")

Macey and Katelin

Timothy and Justin got a rough ride!
Chris's company had a Family Day at Creek Park complete with games, prizes and food. Our kids won so many of the games that the coordinator wouldn't give them any more prizes!

We reserved the basket ball court last weekend at our neighborhood park. I didn't realize South Africans don't know how to play basket ball! Thank goodness Jamaal was visiting from the USA and could teach everyone.
A few more pics: 
Saige's first tea party - she didn't like the tiara!

The Littles
Saige - 6 months - found out later while she wouldn't smile - 102F fever for 4 days

Chris and Timothy, Bob and Gavin, and Dewald leave this week for Gulmarg, India to ski - yes, snow skiing in India! In the Himalayan mountains in the Kashmir province. It should be a wonderful experience and boy-bonding time if nothing else. We girls are cooking up a plan for our own fun!
Gulmarg Ski Resort India

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  1. beautiful pics!! great idea to throw a kids birthday party as i was planning one for my 6 year old daughter!!