Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Winter Pictures

I was going through pictures saved on my laptop and found several more files of recent pictures. I think we have too many cameras! Or too much fun!

Katelin's first design with marshmallow fondant - pastry chef!

Rainy day cake - it actually rained in Dubai!

We went to the JW Marriott Marquis to see the gingerbread house. We were expecting life-size by the description, but they had just plastered the walls with boards of ginger bread bricks. Nice café for a snack!

Matthew enjoying a hot chocolate - hot milk served with a cube of chocolate on a stick!

Hot chocolate and pastries - trying to get in a Holiday mood!

Saige at Water World in Abu Dhabi - we had the water park to ourselves!

Bath time at Al Raha Beach hotel - see through window into the bedroom can be clouded with a switch!

Jolee LOVES buffets - especially for breakfast!

Play ground in a foot of water!

Macey and Timothy - he loves to kayak

Decorating Christmas sugar cookies with Sam and Eliane

Sticker gingerbread houses

Rebekah is a pro at decorating!

Sam makes a man!

Silly girls!

 Here are pictures from Chris and Timothy's guy-trip to Gulmarg, India in the Himalayas
Dewald, Timothy, and Gavin

Day 1 of skiing - the powder was so deep that the lifts were closed, so they hired a guide to take them down the mountain.

Day 2 was brighter. The boys had an instructor, and the men had the guide.

Timothy the Snowboarder

Bob, Dewald, and Chris

Chris the Skier

Dogs in the foreground and snow monkeys up against the house.

Altitude in meters!


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