Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer 2014 in Magnolia, Texas!

We bought a home in Magnolia, Texas earlier this year so we could spend a whole summer at home! We arrived May 28th and left August 17th - mainly the kids and I - Chris came with us and visited in July. We did so many things, had so many visitors, ate so much TexMex and BBQ!!!

Saige enjoys pizza at Double Daves
Meme welcomes us to Texas

Swinging in our backyard
Fun at Timothy's Robotics Camp

Jolee's swimming lessons

Julia's swimming lessons

Blackberry and strawberry pickin'

Bird's nest we found between the thorns
Saige is such a happy girl - even took a nap while we picked berries!

Enjoying Rob Fleming Park

Jam from our berries. Plus we made 3 huge cobblers - 14 hands can pick a lot of berries in an hour!

Blue Bell ice cream factory tour in Brenham on our way to visit friends in Round Rock

Lowe's kids building project - Dragon from How to Train your Dragon movie

Building with the Cortez family near Austin

Girls lunch date and shopping trip


Macey at the Hoover's lunch play date

Julia playing at one of the many wonderful city pools in The Woodlands

Joy and Macey

Saige loves the water!

Plunketts came to visit!

Our new table!

Trip to Build A Bear


Matthew and Bella - still best friends


Poppa comes to visit all of us

Bahrs are brave enough to come for dinner!


Hey! He's in my high chair!

Making s'mores on the back porch

Jolee's in love with Keaton!

Cousins' annual birthday party

Not the best picture, Cole, but the only one I got!
Fancy Aleah
Julia, Melissa, and Aleah
Cade and Hannah


Huggin' Cousins - Emma and Katelin


The Girls

All the kids except Keaton

Resident artists and authors
Aleah gives a powerful hug!

Great grandpa PaJoe
Great grandma Mema

Keaton and his great grandpa PaJoe

Aleah and Jolee decorating cakes for Saige's 1st birthday July 2

Great grandma Mema watching the "artistry"!

Happy 4th of July!
4th of July at Grunden's
Watching the fireworks

The city's fireworks were cancelled so the dads went and bought some!

Off to preps!

At the Scotts - Jay's grandparents

My cute blue-eyed baby
Joy and Meme visit - sugar cookie decorating


Chris's birthday blueberry pie

Saige loved to sit here but couldn't get off!
Happy, Texas

Julia and her new best-friend-forever Autumn


"I know your friend's parents!" My kids heard this a lot this summer!

Grandpa Bill and Laura

Katelin "enjoys" mowing the backyard!

My front flower beds

In memory of Bailey
Happy Birthday Grandma Kathie!
Matthew's Tower of Ice Cream
Timothy "enjoys" the manly art of edging!
Pottery class - this year they made bowls

Julia painted a cupcake bank

We hosted a play date luncheon - 7 moms and 24 kids

Most of the kids - baby gate was to keep Saige off the stairs!

Brazos Bend State Park - the kids biked around the lakes but we didn't see any wild alligators!

King Snake

Baby alligator

Tree root stair steps

Art time at Gina and Clifford's


We waited out a storm, then drove home - the house was lively!

Saige learns to give kisses! Sweet Meme!

Jolee, Elsa amd a Gelati

The boys planted 2 peach trees for Dad

Eventually, we have to go back home to Dubai!

Jolee and her American girl doll Charlotte match

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