Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Pictures

Jolee (with Julia - 12 days old) loves being a big sister!
Laurel Jenae doing much better - 10 days

Julia Heidi on her way home!!!
Julia going home - 8 days
Mommy forgot the socks!
Laurel - 6 days

Downtown Dubai

Here are our latest pictures. Julia went for a weight check today and now weighs a whopping 2kg! Laurel's eye and mouth infections are clearing up. Jolee calls Laurel the "baby in the box (incubator)" and Julia the "baby with wrinkly skin"!!! We are looking forward to meeting some homeschoolers in Dubai on Thursday to ice skate. We missed the homeschool activity today because of a traffic accident across the 7 lane highway - a garbage truck lost a tire - took us 3 times longer to get home!


  1. Are you the teacher when home schooling or do you have help? If you are, WOW is all I can say! Super mom!

  2. Thanks for the updates, great to catch up! I I have been thinking of you and your family! Wish we could meet your new little bundles! Take care and hope Laurel continues to improve.