Friday, September 24, 2010

Homeward Bound

Laurel and Julia are now 1 month old! Julia is about 5 pounds and starting to get fat cheeks! Laurel is still in the NICU, and they have not been able to locate any specialist here to see her. Her doctor recommended transfering her to the US. Chris's company got their International medical team involved, and they decided the US would be best, also. So, our plans are to transport her to Houston as soon as possible. First, we have to get their birth certificates and then their passports - not an easy job here where every document has to be "attested" several times, the father must be present, the paperwork has to be translated into English (if you want!). I have been to the US Embassy - they wouldn't even let me in! Finally, after a few phone calls, I got someone to come out of the Embassy and talk to me. Everything has to wait until after the weekend! We are hoping to be able to leave for Houston by Wednesday. Laurel will go by air ambulance, and we will go on a commercial airline. This sounds dramatic, but it is quite common here for those who are able to seek care elsewhere. Laurel is stable but requires the ET tube to hold her trachae open. Her "seizures" are questionable - the MRI looks good. She just needs some specialists to diagnose her problems and start treatment/therapies/etc. The exact hospital she will be admitted to in Houston is still undetermined, but we are hoping for Texas Childrens.

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  1. We will be praying for you all. Praying that the doctors find an answer and treatment quickly and that little Laurel responds well. Miss you guys!