Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Soccer, Soccer, more soccer

 Timothy in green
Matthew so proud
My boys love soccer. Actually, my girls do, too, but it isn't really available for girls here in Dubai. So, it's the end of soccer season, again, and the trophies are handed out. How did Timothy get to be so tall??!! We moved him to a different group because her was 18 inches taller than the other boys his age. Now he is with "western" boys, and he is still the 2nd tallest. Must be in the genes! At home he doesn't seem so tall ... except when I notice that the new jeans I paid a fortune for are showing his ankles, again. Matthew plays hard with his whole heart - he was the star player (MVP) of his group.

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  1. MVP...good for him! I love this age for sports...something pure about it, and they seem to play because they LOVE to play.