Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chris's Birthday Weekend

 Apparently our kids had never seen a lazy susan before!
 Jolee snored the whole time - poor girl didn't know what she was missing!
Julia and her Daddy
 Black forest cake - ooooh la la!
 Birthday Boy and most of his kids
 Deb and Scott with Julia
Julia and CocoBella
Jolee and CocoBella - Bowling Beauties
We are planning a trip to Thailand next year, so we had a Thai - themed party for Chris! Dinner at a Thai restaurant on the 24th floor of a hotel. We ate in a private dining room with the table on the floor and cushions for chairs. A lady came in and danced for us. It was a blast, and the food was great!! Chris wanted this black forest cake from a french bakery - tasted as good as it looks.  I had to beg the bakery to open up and sell it to me early - who would think a bakery at The Atlantis wouldn't sell cakes until 1pm? In the end, the kids charmed them into a free trip to the chocolate fountain and a discount on the cake! Friday we went to Abu Dhabi to spend the weekend with friends. Good friends ... who are moving ... far away... soon ...

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