Monday, August 29, 2011

Summertime in the Good Ol' USA

Visiting Grandma Bouton
 Jolee, Bryson and Julia at Fredrick's
Mamie came to visit June and Norman while we were there waiting for the rafting trip to return.
 Visiting att Aunt Rosalie's
Meme in the swing of things!
Enjoying BBQ at Sticky Fingers. Julia was cuttung 4 top teeth and cried the whole time. She wanted only Katie to hold her. Katie had friends, cousins, and BBQ to attend to!
 Swimming at the Plunkett's
Bella and Matthew up to some mischievous activities! Always!
 Hannah holding Julia
 Happy Birthday to Us! We celebrated all the kids' birthdays because it has been so difficult to send gifts.
 Shelby's Farm (park) - boy, was it warm!
PaJoe and Jolee
 Julia thought the floor air vents were great! We don't have them in Dubai.
 Jolee had Uncle Danny wrapped around her finger
 Happy 60th Anniversary!
PaJoee and Julia on the back porch
 Mema and Jolee at convention
 Katie and PaJoe at Shoals
Jolee using her buttoning-fettish on Larry
The kids and I flew 16 hours to Houston, TX, from Dubai. My parents picked us up and drove us to their home in Georgetown for a few days. Then we flew to my sister Angela and John's in Memphis, TN for a week. There we went on a rafting trip and saw all kinds of family! My parents and sister Melissa came up for the last weekend - a nice family reunion. Mom, the kids, and I drove up to my grandparent's in Indiana. Mom and Uncle Dan and Aunt Kim threw a surprise 60th anniversary party for my grandparents. We went to Shoals convention where I saw childhood friends and long-lost cousins. We went to Target at least 3 times, twice to Barnes 'n Noble, twice to Cracker Barrel, I never stepped foot in Walmart but a couple of my kids did, I think. We ate BBQ and Mexican food as often as possible. Believe it or not, we were ready to come home to Dubai and have some Thai food!


  1. Wow you did a lot! Besides jetlag, you probably need some "me" time! :) Now you have me wanting some Thai food...

  2. We brought croup and a tummy bug home with us, so, add the jet lag in and it's been a sleepless week!