Thursday, July 5, 2012

Qsar Al Sarab

Chris wanted a break for the weekend, so we decided on a desert get-away. We drove about 2.5 hours from Dubai, into Abu Dhabi, then out into the oasis in Liwa to Qsar Al Sarab resort. The sand dunes were breath-taking. Palm trees were thriving in the sand, and the chilled pool was refreshing. Without any noticeable humidity, the ~50C temperature was scorching. Chris splurged and rented a 3 bedroom villa with its own plunge pool. We enjoyed the weekend immensely!

Master suite was sweet!
My girls in their room
My beautiful big girl!

Daddy and his girls
Our backyard!
The resort from our villa

God created even the desert with its own beauty.
Hiking to see the sunset
The sand was really hot, and we weren't dressed for it - we were on the way to the pool when someone suggested we go up the sand dune to watch the sunset. So, we didn't make it to the top. Jolee said she never wants to do that again because she got hot and her forehead got wet!

Chris and I had a wonderful time improving our photography skills.

Macey - artistic thinker
Timothy loves a good book

Julia wants to share her date

I had been wanting to take a picture of Julia's curls and I had the perfect opportunity  .

Julia loves ice

Pictures sometimes say more than words - this is Jolee!

Matthew tries to put ice in the girls' suits

 Map of the surrounding countries - we were 4 kilometers from Saudi Arabia!

 Mom and her chicks

The road back to town


  1. What a great getaway place! I was just thinking "there's even a certain beauty to the sand dunes" right about when you commented in the same vein. Great shots of your kiddos in all their uniqueness ;-D

  2. Wow! What a stunning place, great photos! Kids r so beautiful too :)
    Boy, we really need to come visit.... Plans hv gotten mixed up tho :(

  3. Thanks for sharing! It's so cool to get a glimpse into your world. It's so different from ours and yet I too think it has it's own unique beauty. Great photos!

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