Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Summer 2012 in the USA

We had a wonderful time in the USA this July/August. Chris was already in TX for work, so he flew to LA to meet the kids and me. We stayed in El Segundo, and the Greenways were kind enough to show us around. There was a get together that Saturday where we met some more friends and the kids swam and bounced.
Chatting with friends
Katelin and her new friend
 Monday we took the kids to Disneyland for the day - a full day, opening to closing!

We went on the first ride without a line - cars - now we know why there wasn't a line!
Jolee and Julia having fun!

Fairytale Castle
 Teacups - a favorite

 It's A Small World After All - still the same as when I was small!
 Disney Parade - trying to take pictures in the crowded shade was difficult!





Chris had surgery on his parotid gland on Tuesday, so, because of the anesthesia, I got to drive us 8 hours up to Windsor (1 hour north of San Fran) on Wednesday. We rented a townhouse there - 10 minutes from our new niece in Santa Rosa.

Golden Gate Bridge with lots of fog
Matthew in the Red Wood Forest
Armstrong Redwoods
Macey and a friend of Aunt Melissa

Hiking, sticks, and posing!
9 kids and a momma

Princess Jolee and a 3 leaf clover
Tall Timothy
Aleah and Aunt Jen 
Blue Eyes

 Matthew thinking, "How can I sneak a few sticks into the car?"
Roses of ALL kinds in the San Francisco Golden Gate Park

 Danielle, Katelin and Matthew enjoying a spin
Timothy, "Think I might be a bit old for this!"
 Mom and Julia "Cheese"
Aunt Lissa, Aleah and PaJoe



My cousin Danielle who flew out from Indiana with my grandparents to see us and Aleah
Dads keeping the bench warm at the park

Matthew is quite fond of baby girls!
Jolee is in love!
We left California and flew to New Mexico to visit my parents. Chris wanted to go to Santa Fe to visit the old town and eat at The Shed.

This is Julia, but Jolee got ahold of one of these chilis and disected it, then wiped her lips with her hands. Her lips were on fire, and Poppa came to the rescue with a quick trip to the store for some water.
Julia at Laurel's grave
Julia and Matthew enjoying peaches on the porch
Timothy - we all took turns in the hammocks. Julia and I took a nap there almost every day.
Native American Ruins


Matthew dreaming of the day he is big enough to drive!


 Girls' Fort!
 Macey retrieving the "table" the boys stole from her fort!

 Boys' Fort!

Macey up early one morning quietly playing Solitaire
Rootbeer floats!
Pizza and play with new friends in Edgewood

Homeschooling friends from Colorado that we met in Dubai met us at the zoo.

Bones they found on the ranch
 Jolee 4
 Julia almost 2

 Katelin 11
 Macey 9
 Matthew 7
 Timothy - 13

Sue and Ryan drove down from CO to visit with us and tour a museum

We left the next day for home - Dubai. We enjoyed the time to visit family, relax, eat Mexican food, play outside, breathe clean mountain air, listen to the rain, and sleep with the windows open. Until next year ....  !


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  2. Loved the photos! Can't wait until the next visit!

  3. What a great summer trip. Fun seeing all your pictures and even some familiar LA faces. We're happy that Greenways are now living up north & we get to meet w/ them on Wednesdays @ Jon's folks' home.

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