Friday, July 26, 2013

Saige Elizabeth

We are so happy to add another little lady to our family! Saige Elizabeth was born July 2, 2013 in Dubai, UAE at the City Hospital. She weighed 3.56kg and was 51cms long - or 7pounds 13ounces and 20 inches! She is healthy and cute to boot!

We arrived at the hospital at 10 til 7am as we were told to - they were going to break my water. Some wonderful friends came to stay with the kids at home. Apparently, many of the pregnant women in Dubai decided to go into labor that morning, so I had to wait for a room - until 4pm! We finally got the show on the road around 5pm, got an epidural right away ("There won't be time later." Really?) Started a little Pitocin drip. Took a nap. Chris played games on his iPad until it died. Finished a book. Then Saige was born at 11:26pm having gone from 3 cm to birth in less than 1 hour. So I suppose they were right - no time for an epidural! Glad I got it early! Glad the doctor stayed in his office across the street instead of going home for dinner! Saige breastfed well, and we took her home the next day.

Miss Saige was born into an International world - American parents, Greek doctor with a British accent, Scottish midwife (I said "what?" to her English a lot!), Canadian office nurse, Philippina helpers.

Saige is a wonderful baby - everyone loves her and gives her LOTS of attention. Newborns are the best thing in the world!!!

Thanks Betty for the pictures!


 My littles

 Macey made Saige a hat


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  1. Beautiful addition to a beautiful family! We can't wait to see you all! Much love to you all!