Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fruit and Vegetable Market

We've seen the signs for the Fruit and Vegetable market, but we we're told they were commercial markets. Then we met someone who had been there, and our life changed! A guy Chris works with goes often and told Chris the ins and outs of shopping there. So we went ... quite an experience! A man with a wheelbarrow wordlessly follows you around, gathering your packages of fruits and vegetables as you shop, then places them in your car as you give him a tip. The first time we probably over-bought - see pictures below! We have learned what is a good buy, what will most likely be over ripe, how to watch that they don't hand you a different product than what they had you taste. They love little children - so it helps to have a few with pony tails and dresses. And often the price lowers as you walk away. At first I was not a fan - we came home with more fruit flies than fruits! Then we started keeping the food in the fridge (what a smart guy my hubby is!) and so far so good - no fruit flies! Now we (or Chris - I'm not a huge fan of the heat right now) go a few times a month and feast of fruit for a few days before it turns. And we have become big fans of juicing!

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