Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Home!

(Finally catching up on posts!)

Dubai is on the come-back financially, and all the landlords seem to want to raise the rents. There are rules regarding this, but if your are a local, own 40+ homes (mansions by US standards), and are probably related to most of the court, who's going to sue you if you don't play by the rules? So we got invited to look for a new home - Chris's company wasn't willing to pay the increased rent price.

We had a hard time finding one, and I was 7+ months pregnant! So when one came available that would work, we took it. Never mind that there is no dishwasher! We have since bought a dish drawer - it holds a few cups, plates, some silverware - at least it sterilizes things! And the 2 refrigerators are great! The laundry room is indoors this time - and the washer and dryer both fit in it sideways. I just have to stand in the hallway! The dryer is vented out a hole near the ceiling - not sure how long that will work, but otherwise there was lent blown all over that end of the house. There is one less living room in the new home (2 instead of 3!) so we have a lot of tables, bookcases, desks, etc in the 2nd room - we use it as a school room. The small office is our dining room, and Chris works out in the storage/ironing room. The guest room and bath is downstairs, and our 4 bedrooms/bathrooms are upstairs with a game room in between. The boys are sharing a room this time - we will see how that goes! The big girls have a room, and the little girls have their own room - good so far!

We were not wanting a pool this time - it is either too hot or too cool to use. But most homes have a pool - this one has a hotel-sized one! All our friends can swim with room to spare - we broke it in at Matthew's birthday party.

And, of course, as soon as we moved in, something had to break! First, the plumbing backed up and the main pipe had to be dug up out of the back yard - it had tree roots growing in it. Then the gate at the carport wouldn't open - for several days - and Chris was gone - so the landlord got to come meet us and fix the motor on the gate. Then the internet company said it would be 6 months before the internet was available - and I could call every week to hurry things along - and I shouldn't be worried about the internet, I should relax and go for a doctors appointment (I was very pregnant). As soon as I bought a wireless internet stick-thingy (very expensive here), the Internet was installed - about 2 weeks time. Then they decided to pave our back road and diverted all the traffic for the whole neighborhood and more onto the road in front of our house. The noise of rushing cars from dusk to dawn is unreal! And there was the time that Julia locked herself in the bathroom - did I mention that Chris was away on business and that there is no key opening on the door? This time we got to meet 5 policemen, several fire fighters, and 2 paramedics. They used an air jack to bust open the door - Julia was waiting on the counter safely out of the way of the opening door (never mind that she never could have gotten off the counter by herself). The emergency response team saved the evening, even if they did call for directions 8 times. It's Dubai!! I think I should stop with the stories!
Backyard - Grass and a gigantic pool!
 Front yard
My little girls
Front gate (open) and front door

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  1. Wonderfully humorous and realistic post! I haven't visited in quite awhile, but fun to catch up. And what a precious picture of your beloved Bailey faithfully guarding your newest little one.