Thursday, October 3, 2013

One less well-loved dog in the world

Our well-loved Golden Retriever Bailey is no longer under our school table or dining table, nor is she snoring on our bedroom rug at night. And it has been quite a life-and-death experience for the kids. Bailey had been having "skin-issues" (doggy eczema) that was treated with antibiotics and steroids. But the groomer - the one that comes to my house in a pink van (Shampooch) and Bailey runs and jumps inside for her shave (too hot for fur in Dubai!) - he suggested she see the vet again. Chris took Bailey in, and the vet noticed her swollen lymph nodes. Long, expensive story-where-I-thought-everyday-was-her-last cut short  - Bailey had an aggressive type of lymphoma. They tripled her steroids and she did ok for a few weeks. Then one morning she couldn't stand up, and Chris made Bailey's last appointment at the vet's. I stroked her head and she couldn't even wag her tail. Chris took Timothy with him and, while the mom in me said no, it was a wonderful character-building experience for him. Bailey was our first dog - named long before she even existed, and much loved despite her hyper nature. We are left with our memories.

Bailey under the kitchen table "guarding" our new baby

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