Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Desert BBQ Dubai-style

The kids wanted to go to the desert for a bbq (so did their mom!), and we knew just who to call: Uncle Dewald! He and Martin are our desert experts - dune bashing, braai-ing (South African BBQ), bonfire, even coffee!

Uncles Dewald and Martin
I found some boerewors (and I can even pronounce it!), hot dogs, and marshmallows at the grocery store. Throw in a few chairs and sand toys, and we're good! Everyone brought something to share, and we spent the evening around a man-made oasis in the middle of the desert. Yes, Dubai has a waterline to fill ponds and water trees in the desert!

Setting up the camp site
There were about 20 of us - and no one got stuck! I know that disappointed a few guys! We drove 20 minutes out to the desert, deflated the tires a bit, and rode the dunes! Then we set up camp, played a bit, BBQ'd, roasted marshmallows, drank some coffee without milk (forgotten!), pulled Julia away from the fire (we thought she was burned, but it was just a bad scratch - silly girl!), cleaned up, and headed back to the road. At the asphalt, we aired up the tires and drove home - sandy, tired, but happy to have friends to spend a evening with under the stars!

Jolee and Julia and their sand toys

Mavey and Saige taking a walk

What? I can't eat it?

Aunt Yvette and Saige

Those of us not dune bashing - relaxing!

Geraldine, Yvette, and Katelin

Justin and his visiting family

Getting ready to bbq

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