Saturday, October 11, 2014

Julia and Saige's Birthdays

Siage's very 1st birthday went almost un-celebrated. It was right in the middle of a busy summer in Texas, Daddy was in Dubai, the big kids were away, etc. We had made some little cakes when Aleah visited us because she wanted to decorate them (more sprinkles than cake!).

Julia's 4th birthday was not to be missed - she reminded us constantly! So we had a group of friends over for a dual party a couple weeks after we returned to Dubai. We had a wonderful time with all the friends we missed during our summer in Texas. And the girls were spoiled rotten with gifts! Katelin and Macey made a balloon cake for Saige (to match the dress I made her!) and an unicorn cake by Julia's request.

Saige received her very first baby doll, and Julia received twin girl baby dolls from American Girl.


  1. Sweet pictures of your happy birthday girls! Love the one of Julia w/ her twin dollies <3