Sunday, March 8, 2015

Annual Oman Camping Trip February 2014

Last year the weather kept us from camping (windy, rain storms), so this year we went earlier in the year and didn't look at weather reports! Yvette and Ronwyn, Dewald, Justin and Martin (and Andre early Friday morning) went up Thursday night. Of course, it wouldn't be the same if we didn't set tents up in the dark, so we made sure to take our time getting to Khasab - traffic helped out, so did the 2 border stops we had to make (out of UAE and into Oman). I had made some chili, so I heated it up and we had a tasty dinner by lamp light. Friday we played on the beached, BBQ hot dogs, surfed, built sand castles. Oh, did I mention that this year the rest room was rebuilt and looked real nice - and the doors were locked??? It was true desert camping this year! Friday night several others came (total of 25 of us), and we had a great BBQ and marshmallow roasting. About 2am the sand storm hit - nice and hot and windy. The campers next to us lost their gazebo when it blew into the ocean! We were all up for good by 6am, and we packed up and headed to the port. We took a dhow boat out into the Persian Gulf (near the strait of Hormuz) to snorkel and watch the dolphins. We had a great time jumping off the top of the boat - like a high dive, and only for the brave! We were back to port by 4pm, through the borders, and home by 8:30pm - with lots of sleepy, sandy kids! Another memorable camping trip!

Preston and Matthew 

Julia and Yvette!
Andre and Dewald
Yvette and Saige
Persian Gulf - Arabian Sea
Joshua and Timothy

Rebekah, Macey and Andre

Sleepy Julia


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