Friday, March 6, 2015

New Years Day 2015 Desert Lunch

We decided to take advantage of the wonderful winter weather and the holiday from work and school to go to the desert. We brought meats to BBQ and buns, salads, chips, cookies (and maybe some chocolates!) and drinks and had a wonderful lunch! Dewald's sandy buggy got a workout, the kids waded in the water and played soccer on the hill. Great fun and awesome memories!

Julia enjoys the sand dunes
Matthew, Saige and Trevor

Lunch under the trees

Man-made oasis

Dewald's sand buggy is a big hit!
Julia and Sandra play in the cool sand

Jennifer and Katelin
Dewald and Katelin

Jolee testing the water
Matthew dipping in his toes, then his legs, then he's a bit wet!

Saige relaxing!

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