Friday, September 11, 2015

Summer 2015 in the USA

We arrived in Houston, Texas June 1 - blue skies, green grass, BBQ and Tex-Mex - oh yeah! We were just over jet lag when we headed west with the Vybirals - Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. We spent a night in the Resort inside the waterpark.

The second day we swam for half the day, then drove to San Antonio. The Riverwalk was quite an adventure - lots of interesting characters! Alicia and I were glad for tall boys!

The Alamo - such a big part of Texas history - and a first for several of our kids. We last visited in 2007.

Papa came to see us and built a playhouse - much like the one he built my sisters and me (a few years ago!) It was a great experience for the kids.
What to do with leftover lumber? Build stilts!!

Saige turns 2!!! Katelin made cupcakes, and we had a few friends over. She sure loved the attention!!

Saige's jungle gym

4th of July is a special holiday for us because it's the onl American holiday we get to celebrate in America. This year we went to Round Rock to see Papa and visit friends. We watched the parade in the morning and fireworks at dark.

Mid-July we drove to South Dakota for a family wedding. It was at this lake (Camp Lakodia) where we had fun playing, swimming, jet skiing, and visiting.

Lodge house

I took the younger kids including cousins Kale and Maeli, and Katelin and Macey to the Little House on the Prairie outdoor museum.

The wedding was Saturday afternoon in front of the lake - it was so nice to catch up with Chris's family.

Full dresses and floor ac vents are great fun!

On the way home we stopped in Sioux Falls and met up with my cousin Greg Bouton and his wife Ashley. A few days later we found out that Uncle Delbert, Greg's dad, is really sick with a brain tumor.

We drove by several of our old homes this summer - our college apartments, first house in Lewisville,  TX and our Jenks, OK home.
First Uzzell home!
Looks the same as when we lived there - OK
Timothy went to Texas A&M University for a Civil Engineering camp the last week of July. He had a bridge building competition and power point presentation on the last day. It was a lot of fun and a great experience for him.

One weekend I met Julia's friend Autumn and her family in College Station to visit for the day.

We hosted a chess tournament with the Bartz and Vybirals - we ran out of time due to the double elimination rule, and a few slow, but good players!

We stayed home for a few weeks, then Mom and I drove with the kids to Nashville, Tennessee to visit the Plunketts.

Annual Cousins Birthday party

 Then we drove to Evansville, Indiana to see my grandparents. We went to Shoals for the 3 day weekend convention.
Great grandma Mema and Saige

Great grandpa PaJoe and Saige

Mema with Saige and Julia

PaJoe and Mema's home
We visited Matthew's friend Zack on our way back to Nashville
We had a Summer's Over party at the Vybirals, complete with a waterside, volleyball, and an unicorn piñata!
Saige, Julia, and Madelynn Cortez with the piñata.

Happy almost 5 birthday Julia!
Julia, Wyatt, Matthew (both May birthdays), and Reagan.
On August 26 Julia turned 5 years old! We got her a ride-on dune buggy! Katelin made her a pink cake - Life is Good!

Another beautiful and delicious cake by Katelin!

Happy Birthday sweet Julia!
And last, but not least, our favorite ice cream brand Blue Bell was finally back in production on August 31. They sold out quickly, so I had to go early the next day to get some frozen goodness!

The kids and I returned to Dubai Sept 8 to pack up the villa - we will be living in Texas before the end of 2015!

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