Thursday, March 24, 2016

Saying Goodbye is .... HARD!

One last Friday International Potluck - this time in honor of our moving to Texas.

 One last trip to the beach for soccer and a swim - this time we stayed until dark.

 One last sleepover at Rebekah's - this time with gelato at City Walk.

One last trip to Al Barsha 2 park - this time with the roller skates, scooter, and a camera.

 One last dinner at Mores with Yvette and Ronwyn - this time we lingered until the kids ran circles through the restaurant.

One last lunch on the front steps - this time we didn't mind the sand so much.

One last outside dining experience with the cool table light - this time we had American food!

One last trip to Aqua Adventures at Atlantis - this time it rained!

 One last time to take visitors to Ski Dubai - this time they stayed all day and night.

One last cake from Magnolia Bakery - this time we ate it for breakfast.

One last hug from Michelle

One last day with Debbie

17 more pictures with Rebekah - who's counting? (many more tears!)

One last ride on Justin - next time I may be too big.

One last picture of the Hughes and their goofy friend Dewald - will the next one be on American soil?

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