Friday, March 1, 2013

Christmas Suprises - 2012!

We had an interesting Christmas this year! Chris and I knew we were expecting a new Uzzell, but we decided to tell the kids on Christmas day. We tucked a note from Santa (telling about the baby coming this summer) into a small stocking. Boy, were the kids suprised when they read it! Jolee is sure the "newborn baby" will be born any day now. Oh, the waiting ... !
 Jolee likes Lala Loopsy this year

 Macey and Julia
 Julia hoarding her stuff!
 Bailey in NOT to be left out!

Matthew loves Legos
 Katie loves Paris
 My 2 littlest girls needed Cabbage Patch Babies!

 Katie and her new wallet
 Julia loving her baby
 Ronwyn, Yvette, and her parents spent the day with us.
 Chris's rack of Prime Rib
Games after lunch - Seven Wonders

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