Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jolee turns 5 years old!

Jolee was all about her birthday this year, and now that it is over, all we hear about is what the next party is going to be like! She saw the bounce houses at the park and decided that was the venue for this year's party. She invited some children her age from school and church, we made a star cake (it has 5 points, you know), bought some sandwich platters from Subway, and had a great day at the park!
 Jolee and Julia
 Matthew and Julia helping Jolee open her presents

 Jolee and her friend Petra (usually known as "the girl with pink shoes" because she forgets her name)
 Bounce house slides - Jolee with Sasha and Julia
 Matthew helping Sasha - Edward watching


Yvette and the girls - Debbie, petra, Julia, Sasha and Jolee
Water boats

 The big kids and dads played soccer
 Helicopter rides
 Train rides
 Quad bikes

Sweetie Cake with a star on top and tall, twirly candles

 Presents, of course!
 Debbie (Indian, speaks no English) and Petra (British-Jordanain) just met today!
Confetti and time to go home!

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