Friday, March 15, 2013

Geneva, the Swiss Apls, and Paris - February 2013

In February (7th-18th) we took a trip to Geneva, Switzerland to visit the Duncans. Deb had rented a chalet in the Four Vallees of the Swiss Alps near Thyon for a week of snow and skiing with another American family. Then we took a 1 hour plane ride across the French border to see beautiful Paris - Katelin's dream-come-true! Besides picking up a few ferocious germs along the way (sharing well and bringing them home with us!), we had a great time!
Macey and Matthew in Duncan's back yard
Duncan's cute apartment complex
On the streets on Lausanne, Switzerland were we stayed - outside Geneva
Our tiny European 7 seater
Lake Geneva
On the way to Four Vallees to ski
Swiss town along the highway

Our chalet - 3 stories, 5 bedrooms
Jolee sledding - outside the chalet
Cocobella and Julia - other kids on the hill
Julia says snow tastes great!
Our new friend Isabella
Gage - Isabella's brother
Cocobella - Julia's new best friend
Tate - Isabella and Gage's little brother
Visibility while snowing!
Kids playing a game
Jennifer, Julia and Tate playing in the snow
Visibility on a clear day!
Low flying clouds or high altitude?
View out the window of our chalet
 Jen and Deb
 Kids and Deb on the mountain
Swiss Alps skiing with friends
Visiting the castle in Lyon, Switzerland

Princess Jolee
View of Lyon from the castle

 Another castle on the next hill - just outer walls
 Inside the castle is a museum
Gare de Lyon train station in Paris near our hotel
 Gare de Lyon train station
the kids enjoyed a ride on a unique carousel
At the Louvre

Mona Lisa

Dum Dum! (Night at the Museum)
Macey is soooo tall!
Silly Jolee - is it cold?
Katelin grew a lot on the trip!
Notre Dame Cathedral

On the RER train going to the Eiffel Tower
Kids and the Eiffel Tower
 The Seine River was flood so we couldn't take the boat ride

We bought tickets online so we didn't have to wait in line!
Katelin and her face paint from the lady in the Novotel's breakfast room
In the elevator going up to the next level of the Eiffel Tower
View from the Eiffel Tower
Arc de Triumph - the traffic circles around the famous arch
Chris enjoying a frothy cappucino
 Julia loving on Matthew - last ham and cheese stop before heading home the next morning at 5am

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